Serena Williams shares her secret to remain productive


The 23-times winner of the Grand Slam, business woman, fashion designer, wife, mother of a girl of two years, fighting for the rights of gender equality… these are just some of the things that Serena Williams has achieved in his career so far.

And if you want to be a super achiever as she, Williams, 38 years old, have tips on what you do every day to stay productive. In an interview for CNBC Make ItSerena says: “Something that I do every day is [apagar] completely my brain, which sounds strange, but because I work a lot between the tennis and my other properties: Serena Ventures and Serena Clothing.

But it is a lot, so I only need to turn off my brain and not think about anything. Sometimes it is meditation. Sometimes it is A matter of looking at a program [en la televisión] that has nothing to do with anything, as something silly or fun.

It is now much easier because I can just see my baby. It really helps me to focus on it and focus on the moment and not think about anything else. And by the way what do I do with it because I know that I just need to unwind.

(Allows Me to) restart and get more energy to go training the next day or receive more calls from work,” Serena says that the second habit that has been instilled is to drink at least a gallon of water a day, even when you’re not training.

“That is one thing that I make sure I always do” The sister of Serena, Venus, also appeared on the program last year and said that their habits include sleeping eight hours a day and do not eat junk food.