Shakira very sexy in suit of bath and without any abashment

Shakira its 43 years old is still stealing sighs of their fanticos. Its beauty is still intact. Although I suffered several changes in its beginnings: pas a brunette to platinum blonde, her face has not been touched by time. Your body either! For several years he lives in Barcelona with her partner, footballer Gerard Piqu, and their children Sasha and Miln. Always delights his followers with cute postcards, decorating with your sweet smile

The interpreter of I falls in love has sold some 80 million into albums in the world, and more than 50 million (report BMI) up to 2007. From that date up to 2019, despach 30 million. At least 33.5 million were certificates in the united States, up to the year past. He had everything to succeed: beauty and intelligence. Is singer-songwriter, is dedic to write their songs. His album ms famous: Suerte (Whenever, wherever). His followers remembered the cute graphic when the artist al bean not been a mother, with a suit of baths and accessories.

Although this 2020 is terrible for the majority of beings on this planet, the singer of Blackmail is consagr in the Super Bowl with his interpretation along with Jennifer Lpez. The stadium Hard Rock Miami Gardens (Florida) is rindi to his feet. She reached one of the goals that ms I was anxious-said she-. The colombian is very famous in the united States. After 25 years in the music, the logr. Thanks to the disk Service of washerwoman, her first bilinge, came up to that market. Whenever, wherever the catapult as a reference Latin in the market anglosajn. Sold 25 million units.

The song I like, along with the ragman Anuel AA, was another of their tasks for this year. Shakira never surrenders. In a little arrested by the coronavirus, it is difficult to predict how to hit in the music industry. Will pass some months to see the artist’s favorite on the stage. So soon, there will be that to conform with the presentations in the social networks. Although an the diva does not announce when har yours.

Perhaps the singer of The Bike match with his colleague Daddy Yankee, who, I announced that not har “live” on the networks. Just said he didn’t like. The colombian artist prefers to promote their songs on the stories of Instagram and remember past times. Est very satisfied by what we have accomplished and can afford to stay quietly in her home, with her children and husband, while the world spins and shakes the pandemic.

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