Shawn Mendes drops to the feet of their fans in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Of course Shawn Mendes it has become one of the largest and favorite pop stars of recent times.

And is that the singer of the 21 years it has been a wise to win the affection of his faithful followers thanks to the delivery that shows on the stage when he performs his biggest hits.

The success of Mendes it has been so great that it has been able to place several of his songs in the first places of the top music and in case outside little, has been able to carry four tours around the world in the past six years in which he has been building his artistic career.

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In this 2019, the interpreter of “Stiches” has been carrying out the biggest tour of her career, as up to date leads made 106 presentations around the world, same in the that your fanatical deplete the tickets in a matter of days to see and hear him live and in color.

Shawn Mendes is celebrating the last leg of his tour, which goes by the name “Shawn Mendes: The Tour” in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil; but no one expected that in this city the singer was suffering from an incident that she’d spend an embarrassing moment in front of their fans.

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With the place full to bursting and the speakers of the Allianz Park began to announce that very soon, it would start the “Shawn Mendes: The Tour”; the fans began to get impatient, and with loud cries we sought the singer, who will begin his presentation.

Shawn Mendes made act of presence (very excited), at the door of the stadium and started running and waving to fans who waited for him with great desire; at the time of turning by the hallway to go to the stage, the singer was not fixed from his path, and in consequence gave tremendous stumble, falling to the floor.

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Fortunately, the singer did not suffer any harm by the fall, but if it caused the laughter immediate of those who witnessed such embarrassing moment; Shawn Mendes took very calmly to this situation and minutes later started with his concert, which, like the previous ones, was a total success.