So are the experiments of the CIA that inspired Stranger Things


Anyone who watches the news these days might believe that the world is entering an unknown dimension, and strange but what if we told you that the other dimension of Stranger Things, ‘The other side’, is really true? Well, although it is not truth-truth seems to be that yes, there are elements of the series based on real life events. I warned, get ready for a strange conspiracy theory.

Returning to the premiere of the first episode of the entire series on Netflix back in 2016, the creators Matt and Ross Duffer explained to Rolling Stone that “we wanted the supernatural elements to have certain scientific basis”. To achieve this, read on a real project of the Government called project MK-Ultra and included it in the plot of season one. That was what formed the basis of the experiments of Dr. Brenner with Eleven (Eleven for which we don’t support the dubbing).

In the series, the mother of the character of Milly Bobby Brown it is one of the subjects of the experiment during your pregnancy. Dr. Brenner uses LSD and other modifiers of the senses as you investigate with her, what it is that gives you psychic powers to his daughter.

In real life, the project MK-Ultra was created by the CIA in 1953 with the aim of developing techniques of mind control, that could give some advantage to America in the cold War against the soviet Union. Yes, we’re serious, this is demonstrated in detail documents declassified from the CIA.

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What began as a voluntary program gradually morphed into something much more sinister. Without knowledge of the patients, they were subjected to psychological abuse through psychedelic drugs, sleep deprivation, and other cruel experiments. One of them, Operation Midnight Climax, pobró the effects of LSD in men that visited brothels located in apartments swiss agency in San Francisco, all according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Yes you are stranger things...

The strange nature of the investigations led, at the end, at the close of the program in 1965, and although many of the most relevant documents are destroyed, finally leaked enough information to inspire the events darkest of the series at the National Laboratory of Hawkins.

If the thing were not already enough crazy, the brothers Duffer also inspired by a conspiracy of the Government called Montauk Projecteven more amazing is that the pelazo of Steve.

Although of this there is much less evidence to support that it is in fact real, the showrunners of the series itself took seriously the stories that surround this conspiracy. In fact, the series even, was going to call Montauk in a first moment. Seen now, it is easy to see some crazy ideas of the project appear in the series. Agarraros because here is where it really gets the thing too crazy.

According to the conspiracy, a respectable number of questionable experiments were conducted in Montauk, New York, during the 80’s. According to a man who claims to have been involved, Alfred Bielekexperiments opened accidentally a hole in hyperspace in Montauk between 1984 and 1943. The same lord aware that the hole threatened to destroy the world and only thanks to him and his brother Duncan, who destroyed all the equipment, the thing was settled. To then say that the elderly gentlemen always have the same comics in the mili…

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It is very easy to see the parallels between these stories and the plot of Stranger Things. Although time travel has not been incorporated yet to the series, the experiments themselves open a hole in space that infects the city of Hawkins. Just shutting it down they get the protagonists to save the city from destruction.

But that’s not all, Bielek claims that his brother began to age in an accelerated manner with the incident. And, attention, because this lord has seen Back to the future: Also note that you must travel to the past to convince your parents to have another child and so keep alive his brother. But this lord also declares that he has memories of how life is in the century 28 so that… well, we leave it to your judgment. The above-mentioned, he says, aware that his brother began to display amazing psychic powers, because… Well, it does not say why.

On the other hand, Preston B. Nichols (who claims to have repressed memories of the Montauk Project) has written a book called The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, in which he discusses the phenomenon in more detail. According to him, the mysterious Duncan used a procedure called a Montauk Chair (literally, the Montauk chair) which allowed him to materialize objects out of nothing. I know what you are thinking, but… Let’s keep going.

Although Eleven is not as powerful in Stranger Things as the great and powerful Duncan (oígase background a cuckoo clock), what is certain is that it keeps many pararelismos with the description of Nichols. Among them is his ability to visit other dimensions through sensory deprivation, or to open portals between such spaces. And as our protagonist in the fiction, Nichols has that Duncan also brought a monster to our world.

Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) vs. The Demogorgon in Netflix's Stranger Things


According to his version, what Nichols calls ‘The beast’ appeared before them when they decided to shut down the entire experiment. In that moment, he remembers the author of the book, Duncan let out the monster from his subconscious and is only able to defeat by destroying all of the equipment You sound familiar to you? This idea is more Stranger Things the own Demogorgon, so it is not surprising that the Brothers Duffer would like to call the series originally Montauk.

Although it has been confirmed that the project MK-Ultra did exist, many experts have many doubts with the Montauk Project. But, whether true or not, it is fascinating to see how much of them there are in Stranger Things. Yes, don’t expect Eleven to travel back in time, Hawkings still need it.

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