So is the new challenge of dancing that Jennifer Lopez has launched in Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the application that no one wants to lose. The quarantine has meant that downloads have multiplied and countless celebrities, from all ages, have opened a profile. The challenges of dancing are one of the trends most followed and Jennifer Lopez knows. Why has just launched a new
in the that there is that dance one of his best-known songs. Do you dare with it?

A few weeks ago, social networks were filled with videos of users trying to play one of the parts of the dance that JLo took place in the Super Bowl 2020, the place where he performed alongside Shakira in one of the numbers most vibrant that has had the middle time of this competition.

Los Angeles (United States), 24/02/2019.- Jennifer Lopez

Los Angeles (United States), 24/02/2019.- Jennifer Lopez

Well, that challenge was to play a few dance steps with a remix of some of their great songs. The test is viralizó under the label of Super Bowl Challenge
and celebrities as well as anonymous tried to reproduce the choreography.

Seeing the success, Jennifer Lopez has believed it convenient to propose a new test of dance. On this occasion, the challenge
used as the basis of the song Dance Again that the Bronx was released on 2012 and where she collaborates with Pitbull.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has started the trend thanks to a video posted on his account of Tik Tok where, wearing a comfortable tracksuit, teaches us what are the movements that follow. What is certain is that it does not seem as complicated as the challenge above, although it is one thing to see and another to do it.

It is fair to say that the dance includes some of the choreographed movements used in Tik Tok. If you are a regular user you will know what is a body wavea woah or a hype
sway. The challenge promises to viralizarse in the next few days. Are you one of the people who dare to play it? By the way, the tag that is used is the World Of Dance Again.


? ##WorldOfDanceAgain TikTok Challenge: ACTIVATED! Let’s see your moves! ✨?✨ @nbcworldofdance

I Dance Again – Chop Jones Remix – jlo

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