Songs that had revenge: when the versions become more well-known than the original


There are cases in which the same theme, both the original and the version, have success or prestige in equal measure. A case emblem is the of “With A Little Help From My Friends”, of The Beatlesthat was part of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Bandthe disc of 1967. The composition which bears the stamp Lennon McCartney and was sung by the drummer Ringo Starr, had a cover of deluxe the following year. In 1968, Joe Cocker the he re-recorded, slower, more blusera and with an exciting intro that is far from the original. Cocker immortalized by interpreting it in live at the Woodstock music festival in 1969 and years later became super famous as a curtain of the series Kevin, to grow with love.

The same fate have run “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” of Bob Dylanrecorded by him in 1973 and popularized in the 90s by Guns NRoses, which came to include it in her successful album Use Your Illusion II 1991. The guys in Axl also did the same with “Dead Flowers”, the classic signed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richardsthat is part of the disk of the Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers 1971. The Guns sung live, and also form a part of any of their live albums, so she became known to a whole new generation of fans of the rock. As if outside little, the guitarist Gilby Clarke included it in his first solo album, Pawnshop Guitars. We may also mention, that saga, to “Sympathy For The Devil”. The same thing happened with “The Man Who Sold the World”, of David Bowie (part of their self-titled album of 1971), and that Nirvana recovered to its MTV Unplugged 1994. Many fans of grunge, they took it as a creation of Kurt Cobainbut the veterans knew it was Bowie. It was a win win.

Unlike the above, not all topics are successful from the beginning. There are many songs whose interpreters are original, while being its authors, had not managed so many applause, or prizes, that came later, that was the version, and took the glory. “I Will Always Love You” will be forever linked to Whitney Houston and its role in The Bodyguard (the 1992 movie in which he shared poster with Kevin Costner). The late singer gave his voice huge the subject two decades earlier, he had composed and recorded Dolly Parton. The goddess of the country he had dedicated it to his colleague Porter Wagoner that, with more experience and better contacts led the tv show that helped her to position himself.

For years, Parton and Wagoner were together until Dolly decided to look for new directions and before leaving, we sang in private, “I Will Always Love You”. Therefore, more than a love song is a song of farewell. Dolly has not been disturbed, at least in public, with the fact that the version of Whitney would have made it more famous than yours, she being the author of the topic. Pragmatic, the godmother of Miley Cyruswas formed with the juicy royalties, and whenever he could he said: “it has made Me win a lot of money”.

It is enough to mention the spicy phrase “Voulez-vous sunset avec moi (ce soir)?” (in French, “do you Want to sleep with me tonight?”) to know that he is talking about Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink and Moulin Rouge. The soundtrack of the movie musical was recorded at the fire and tied forever to these pop singers and their video of the 2001 cabaret style, with pants shooting very low, wigs, crowded and a lot of makeup. Next to Missy Elliott and producer Rockwilder did of “Lady Marmalade” a success, but the subject had a past. It was the group LaBelle, devotees of R&B, and had been written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan to sing the first voice of the band, Patti LaBelle. With significant royalties for a medium and nothing of resentment, the talented Patti joined LilKim and a few years gathered to sing along to Amber Riley.

When, in 1996, The Fugeesthe group formed by Lauren Hill and Pras Michel they filled the radio with their version of “Killing Me Softly (With His Song)”, they sold many records and won some Grammys, many parents had to tell their children that that topic had already been sung much before, that was Roberta Flack. What is certain is that, although in the decade of 70, the singer had fallen in love with his voice and with his style, the song had other owners. Roberta was not the first to interpret, but Lori Lieberman, the author of the poem “Killing Me Softly with His Blues”. The text was the inspiration for Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, who composed the music for Lori to finally sing, in addition to reciting it. It all happened in 1971 and passed without pain or glory, until Flack recorded it the following year, and in a short time became an anthem of the slow. It would be time that any one or any artist’s centennial will encourage and present it to generation Z.

“I Love Rock n Roll” is another one of those topics that have had multiple lives. In 1975, Alan Merrill and Jake Hookerof The Arrows what they composed, they recorded and released as a single in 1975. Without diffusion did not lead very far, until the beginning of the decade of the 80’s discovered Joan Jett. The singer and guitarist born in Philadelphia, he realized that it was a bomb and he wanted for her, so it was the led the study at the end of 1981 and has not stopped harvest praise: the song was perfect. Granó prizes, money, toured the world, interpreting it, sold millions of copies and became confuse Britney Spears. The princess of pop, thought it was yours, no idea who were the Arrows, and also the reversionó bringing his imprint sexy and daring. With a video full of eroticism and ecocuero, Britney included in her third album, which bears his name, in 2001, and joined the soundtrack of the film Crossroadswhere also acts.

Say, “One more night” that is to say Jennifer Lopezalthough the topic is not yours. The singer debuted in 1999 with a disk and with a hit. The disk was On The 6 and the cut “Waiting For Tonight”. The artist born in New York appealed to his Latin surname, and also climbed all the rankings with the Spanish version. There is No doubt that this topic was waiting for her, since not long ago, in 1997, the group 3rd Party he had recorded it without much luck. Written by Maria Christensen, Michael Garvin and Phil Temple, the song had target hit but not to 3rd Party, only had to wait a little longer for that J. Lo is to take place and not come loose ever.

“What saved my life was the unconditional love and understanding of my friends and co-workers in Alcoholics Anonymous,” he said Eric Clapton more than once, and is documented in the book that he wrote about himself, “The Autobiography”. The great guitarist he fought against his addictions, and for the past few years is in recovery, but one of his most famous interpretations bears the name of a drug. Clapton immortalized “Cocaine” when it was recorded in 1977 and included in her album Slowhand (a name that alludes to his nickname, “Slow Hand”). The subject immediately began to form part of their classics, but it was not his but that of his friend and colleague J. J. Cale, who had recorded with little success, a short time before the English. The american, who passed away in 2013, we also left another great song to Clapton as is “After Midnight”.