Sophie Turner has a new series after the end of Game of Thrones


After the expected, and no less controversial, end of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner returns to television to star in Survive, a series that will be one of the letters of presentation of Quibi, a new streaming platform that will produce content only for mobile devices. The service, which is scheduled to arrive in April 2020, is already working with directors of the stature of Steven SpielbergAntoine Fuqua or Guillermo del Toro and with stars like Idris Elba, Justin Timberlake or Tyra Banks.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Turner will star in the series along with Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton). On this occasion, the actress that gave life to Sansa Stark be construed to Jane, while Hawkins will embody Paul, the two young men are the only survivors of a plane crash on a remote mountain.

Both must learn to work together and fight against the elements to return to civilization, while at the same time facing personal traumas. In fact, the book of the same name on which it based, published by Alex Morel in 2012, he tells of the various attempts of suicide, Jane.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark. Photo: HBO

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark. Photo: HBO

“This is a complex character, struggling against wind and tide, not only to save your life, but also to find their own source of strength and courage. I just hope that this can reach out to anyone who has low self-esteem to realize that you are braver than you believe, and seek the support they need,” said Turner in a press release.

Survive it is one of the many project of Quibi that are based on deliveries short of ten minutes or less designed to be viewed only on smartphones or tablets.

Source: Europa Press