Suicide squad, and your version of the editor: Yesterday’s Cut “is almost finished”


Coinciding with the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguethe new version of the director of the film Justice league of DC released in cinemas and we will see in 2021 through HBO Maxbegins to arise a new movement around Suicide Squadanother of the film’s DC Extended Universe by the filmmaker David Yesterday, and a new version by its director, known as Yesterday Cut. So much so, that even David Ayer takes days sharing unpublished images of the said court, sharing new details and ensuring that the new version is “almost finished”.

Joker and Charming much more profound

So, one of the aspects most criticized of Suicide Squad was the shallow depth two of their most important characters, as are the then-new version of the Joker in charge of the actor Jared Leto and Lovelythe true villain of the film played in this case by the actress Cara Delevingne.

And is that according to Yesterday, there is a lot more footage of the Joker it did not appear in the version of cinema Suicide Squad and deepened a lot more in a character that eventually had little presence; on the other hand, the arc of the transformation of June Moon in Charming was much deeper in first, but that eventually had much less development in the final version of the film.

The character of Devil he also suffered cuts on the part of Warner Bros., since no one wanted to show a lot more of a villain especially cruel with his own family, recognizes the director. All in all, the own David Ayer ensures that the Yesterday’s Cut of Suicide Squad exists and that is “almost finished, with the exception of some special effects”. What we will come to see some day, as has happened with the famous Snyder’s Cut of Justice League?

In the words of the director himself, “my mount would be easy to complete. It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It is exhausting that you kick the butt for a movie that seems that has passed through the hands of Eduardo Manostijeras. The movie that I’ve never seen”, concluded Yesterday. The new version mode reboot of Suicide Squad director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) is scheduled to premiere on the 6 of August of 2021.

Source | Collider