Suzy Cortez surprise to all their fans to ‘sing’ as if it were Shakira


Brasilia, Brazil.- The beautiful and statuesque model brasilea, Suzy Cortez, has managed to surprise their fans Instagram when you share a new video of TikTok.

The famous conquist thousands of internet users, then that will be shown doing a lip sync of Faithful Dogthe popular song of Shakira with Nicky Jamthe clip will gust to thousands of users who saw it.

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With this publication, the spectacular carioca promotion his official TikTok, so that in this way know that you have an account on this social network and as done with ms followers.

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A large number of their fans unable to hold back, and did all kinds of comments, since many claimed that it look divine, much better than some other times it has been.

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If it weren’t for you, my nights would not have any sense.”

Mamacita, if I was your faithful dog”.

You are a beauty, incomparable”.

With information of: Instagram @suzycortezoficial