The argentine deceived the whole world with its resemblance to Brad Pitt


A young argentine became famous for his incredible resemblance to Brad Pitt. Was “the clone argentino” of the actor. But that was a lie.

In the last time, a young argentine made famous in the social networks to be the clone argentine Brad Pitt, the iconic Hollywood actor. Such is the resemblance, your image is viralizó so much that every video that went up amounted to 1 million visits. However, it seems to be that he deceived everyone and was a great farce.

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The story of the young

The resemblance with the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, really, was impressive. It is for this that he received the nickname of “the clone argentino”. The young man called Luciano Chierichetti and is of Junín, Buenos Aires. Their appearance in the social networks generated much impact, especially on the platform of Tik Tok. There you upload videos constantly, and demonstrates the incredible like with the star.

It is known that the actor of 56 years is considered as one of the most attractive men in the world. In fact, he won his first Oscar in 2020 for his performance in “once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

Discovered that was not similar to Brad Pitt

“The truth that is not easy to be like Brad Pitt, but there is no other,” said the young man in a video uploaded to Tik Tok. A user, however, revealed the secret behind his striking appearance. The “clone” used a digital application that is called “Impressions”. The same allows you to record videos with filters of faces of famous. Then, everything that is believed with respect to this young man, and the resemblance to the actor it was a trap. Once you have discovered the deception, Luciano is no longer the Brad Pitt of argentina.

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