the bet christmas Croac


Croac comes with a new single: ‘I’m not copying Mariah Carey’. To the rhythm of bells, the independent duo Catalan is back with an anti-christmas carol: a fun theme for the holiday season that is born of the modest union of two young people from Barcelona. Six months after that outside of his musical debut with ‘Dies John Snow’, Cesc and Marc already accumulated almost 20 thousand plays on Spotify and Youtube.

“Not going to play the Christmas lottery, but you’re going to spend more than a thousand euros in Suchard”. The theme is the perfect combination between humor, and talent: pick up the spirit of christmas from the point of view is more mature and accompany it with a cheerful and fresh melody. Uniting all the elements of this holiday -jingle bells, Christmas trees and family dinners- Croac get make an issue of that clash by mistake, or by luck, it is stuck in your mind.

Who are Croac?

Their first song saw the light last may 12, 2019: a theme in the style of summer camp around the campfire. Marc Panicello, production manager, and Cesc Torras, voice, and guitar, gave life to ‘Dies John Snow’ that, though it sounds spoiler Game of Thrones, the only spoiler is that you run the danger of not being able to take it off of the head. “I got my kids hooked dangerously! And since I can’t upload to the car without me the place… it Will be possible!” is one of the comments of the song on Youtube.

The union emerges in Barcelona with the modest goal to draw a smile on the faces of the people, and at the moment we are getting. Croac he’s back with more force than ever with ‘I’m not copying Mariah Carey’ and what have you done to stay.

Carlota Pizá

The music rescued me to my, and here I can write about it. I also do photos sometimes but, in the end, I’m just one more fan club of John Boy.