The daughter of Jennifer Lopez will publish a book to save the sloths!


Daughter Jennifer Lopez Emme Muniz
Emme Muñiz. Photo: Getty Images

Emme Muñizthe daughter of Jennifer Lopez, has 12 years, and is opening step in the industry. The small made his debut as the great: in the Middle Time of the Super Bowl.P (before the Pandemic). I had never been in the scenarios on a massive scale and made it as a professional, showing his great talent for singing. Impresionó millions to people who saw the performance all over the world.

Which makes us wonder, what were doing at 12 years old? Probably listening to music on a walkman, watching the Zapping Zone, “burning disks” and eating Cheetos. Certainly we were not writing a book to be published by a big publishing house. Emme yes. Is about to publish his first book and has a great cause behind it.

Book daughter Jennifer Lopez Emme Muniz
Book Emme Muniz. Penguin Random House

The book is titled Lord Help Me and it is a flip book with prayers and with lazy as inspiration. Yes, sloths. And is that the motivation of the daughter of J. Lo to this project is save the sloths of the extinction. Want to raise awareness about the importance of these animals. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

“In school I learned about sloths and how they are facing extinction, so I began to pray for them in my night prayers,” said Muniz in a press release. “I wrote this book to help raise money for save the lazy and at the same time teach the other children how we can pray and ask for help, two things that bring me much comfort.”

Lord Help Me is inspired in the own meditations Muñiz. It is a guide for the young readers through their experiences praying to God and the joy that these prayers will have brought to your life dazzling and unusual. Should not be very common to be the daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Emme asks God for help with things as small as getting ready for school and so monumental as the extinction of animals. Another good news is that Lord Help Me will be available in English and Spanish, and will premiere on September 29. The illustrations are of Brenda Figueroa, an artist originally from El Salvador.

Ok, since I want to give it away to my nephews and to save the lazy.