The director of “Birds of Prey breaks the silence on the numbers at the box office


The director of “Birds of Prey” Cathy Yan, broke his silence in the face of the perception that his film DC I had numbers in the box office “disappointing.” He sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about a lot of things surrounding the movie.

A topic that was going to have to address by advance it is how the film was received by a wider audience.

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There is still the perception negative the movie had a performance at the bottom, and Yan believes that it is more complicated than that.

“I know that the study had expectations really high for the film, like all of us. Also had expectations undue in a movie directed by womenand what most disappointed was this idea that maybe showed that we were not ready for this yet”, explained Yan.

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“That was a additional load that, as a female director of color, already had on me anyway. So, yes, I think that there were certainly different ways of interpreting the success or the lack of success of the movieand they all have a right to do that. But I definitely think that all of them were pretty fast in jump to attack certain angle”.

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