The experiences of Keira Knigthley, Emilia Clarke and Ruth Wilson with the nude scenes give a lot to think about


Things are changing at breakneck speed in the filming of Hollywood, and not only because we finally are required to have a professional in charge of negotiating the detail of every movement and gesture of the scenes of sexso that there will not be anything that has not been previously agreed upon. In addition, the stars with power and speaker speak ever more openly of their experiences with the nude and how the industry has not taken into account until today how much that may come to disturb and to traumatize. In fact, it has become the naked bodies of the actresses in a hook to the box office. Keira Knightley (age 34) is one of the few that has decided that it’s over roll nude, and not because they feel good in your body dress usually Chanel. From now on, he will use the double every time the script required skin.

Emilia Clarke before’ to traumatised with the sex scenes of 'Game of thrones'.

Emilia Clarke became traumatised with the sex scenes of ‘Game of thrones’.

“Now I can choose and I don’t want to show me naked in front of the entire crew,” he confessed Knightley. The actress, who has never shown anything other than your chest, has added a objection extra to the issue of having to undress in front of the world: “Before the scenes were in the movie, but now it is so easy to encontrártelas sites porn on the internet”. This is the case of the sex scenes from “Game of thrones”, the more direct of which was rolling Knightley, and a lot more disturbing, at least for two actresses. Carice Van Houten, the actress who played the witch Melisandre, has revealed that it now questions a lot the amount of the female nude series. Emilia Clarke what happened something worse: he was only 23 years old when she filmed sex scenes that you thought were “terrifying”.

Ruth Wilson abandon’ series, 'The Affair' by pressures to love to undress.

Ruth Wilson left the series, ‘The Affair’ by pressures to love to undress.

The violence of the sex scenes they had to shoot Emilia Clarke did that both she and Jason Momoa crying engraving. In addition, Clarke has acknowledged that he was too young and, due to their inexperience, the producer abused her. The experience had traumatized and even had to resort to alcohol. It was not so young Ruth Wilson, the protagonist of the series ‘The Affair’precisely the story of a romance forbidden. Wilson has admitted that he felt that the coaccionaban to strip in sex scenes free, “in a work environment hostile“. In fact, by not giving in to the pressures of an executive, was described as a difficult and problem by the study. For that reason, he left the series before the end of his contract. Tremendous, right?