The fear forces me to improve: Margot Robbie


You could say that, at 29 years, the actress Margot Robbie you have almost everything: it is a millionaire, a celebrity hollywood, has been two times nominated for an Oscar and its beauty is undeniable.

Now, on the verge of turning 30, gets full-time to produce and confesses that, even if you feel that you have a privileged life, he still has fears and insecurities, which, in place of deprimirla, the motivated to continue to do their jobs better and getting each time more fully in the part of the production.

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“Of course, all the time I am afraid and I feel pressure doing what I do, or I’m going to do and I think that is okay. Feel on your shoulders more responsibility just makes you want to improve, to be better actress, getting involved more in the projects and know that things can sometimes not go right but, the more you try, the more you perfeccionas,” said Margot, in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, after the premier of the tape made yesterday in Public Project Prim of the City of Mexico, which was attended also the actresses Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

In his visit to Mexico, the interest of the australian actress for wanting more accountability in the projects led to producing Birds of prey, where it was again put in the skin of Harley Quinn, a role which gave him popularity in 2016 when it released Suicide squad.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Margot Robbie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

“To return to this role and this movie provoked a lot of pressure because I know what there are millions of fans of the DC universe and the comics, but that made me want to be more involved in the project and produce it. I wanted to have the best writers, the best technicians and the best people involved in it. We wanted the fans to feel satisfied, that they see that we respect their characters.”

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In this new adventure, Harley has left his eternal boyfriend Jokerand has decided to be emancipated and to be the owner of your life, something that will cost you dearly, for all his enemies will want to go after your head, a situation that she is going to face in the company of other women.

Although the model left his native Australia as a youngster, shares the view of his character Harley and believes that in order to grow in any field it is important to the emancipation, just so you figure out who it is.

Harley Quin decides to separate from her boyfriend the Joker, so that will cost very expensive.

“One constantly is emancipated, is not like that you only do once, that is to say, one falls off and leaves behind a people and the only way to rediscover, and that makes you mature. I have emancipated many times in my life, from that you let your family until you change from home or even end relationships.”

Although it had earlier co-produced Birds of pray, it is the first tape produced in large and this week premiered in the Sundance film festival in the tape Promising young woman with Carey Mulligan as the main actor.

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Margot reveals that, although he likes to star in big-budget films, these are the people that give the money and name to be able to pick up other projects, smaller and intimate.

“We all love action movies. I think that the actors we look for big projects to lift the small,” he said.