The heartbreaking testimony of Bella Thorne: “why I just offer sex to the world?”


The interpreter american Bella Thorne, which last week grabbed headlines with the announcement of its debut in the porn industry as a director, has taken a step ahead to reflect the public their fears were more intimate, his struggle in the search for his own identity and the trauma of his childhoodthat relates to their way of thinking, suffer and behave today.

Thorne has chosen its account of Instagram, where harvest over 21 million followers, to speaker mode for your long and hard confession. The text is accompanied by four snapshots of the actress in topless on a bed, in which it presents different positions. “What is wrong with me?”, starts the message, “why do I always need the validation from all over the world, but especially the men? They all insist on telling me that you’re single, you’re single, and I make myself happy. But all of those things sound fucking terrifying to me.”

The artist, who is openly bisexual, and currently goes out with the singer Benjamin Mascolo, then continues stating that can’t avoid seeking the continued acceptance of your partner because “for some reason in my head, I’m not good enough. For him or her, or to anyone. And if he is not, then just look for the ‘following’ him or her”.

A childhood marked by sexual abuse

It is at this point of her confession when Thorne becomes itself a chilling series of questions: “Why can’t I search for my next ‘I’? Find me and accept me. Was it because I was abused all my life? Are exposed to sex at such an early age that that is all that I know to offer to the world? Or is it because I was raised to think that was not good enough?”

After referring to these bloody events of his past, the boy goes on to blame herself for his insecurities presentbut also offers a message, something more hopeful, assuring that no “matter what happened in his childhood” and that the responsibility of not loving, of not believing attractive and demanding to all around her who love her enough so that she can love, is only yours: “But at the end of the day, that will never happen. Because the only way to achieve your end goal is to work in it”..

In the last part of your text, Thorne meditates on the damageand sentenced that are part of our world and that she can only begin by accepting that you have no idea how to get that final goal to which it refers, because it still is in the process of guessing how to get to him. The artist is dismissed with the following sentence: “This poem is about mom and dad and me and you.”

Thorne had already spoken previously about the abuses of his childhood. Specifically, the past year, and under the label of the feminist movement, Times Up, the actress narrated that he had been physically and sexually abused until the age of 14when he had value to “close the door at night”. The singer Demi Lovato has been one of the people that he wanted to thank in the comments of the publication the value of the interpreter, for sharing such sincere vulnerability, calling his words “inspiring” and saying that “can’t identify” with them.