The important message politician of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Laura Dern and other celebrities”


Hollywood stars do not show their inclination for any candidate, but used his position of “privilege” for a good cause

Updated 10/03/2020 09:50

Social networks are the best speaker and the celebrities have used it to share their selfies with the stickers “I VOTED”, along with protest messages that create awareness of the face of the coming U.s. presidential elections.

The race to the presidency of the united States has begun. Although it will not be until the morning November 3 when the citizens to deposit the ballot with the name of the politician who want them to govern for at least the near four, the elections have already held one of their das paramount. This is the ‘supermartes’ (in English, Super Tuesday), the day key in the oldest buildings demcratas in which the voters from 14 states choose the future candidate to the White House, that is to say, the direct rival of Donald Trump. And the celebrities have used their privileged position to remind their millions of followers the real importance of exercise a right (and a real commitment): vote.

Jennifer Aniston public a tender picture with his dog Clyde in the social networks to urge his almost 30 million followers to exercise this right. “Every vote counts”, wrote the actress Friends next to a photo of your entraable pet to coloc a sticker with the legend “I vot”. Although it has not expressed publicly its support to any candidate, the ex of Brad Pitt is a loyal supporter of the Party Demcrata. So much so, in 2016, Jennifer demonstrated openly in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Another of the stars of Hollywood that has encouraged their followers to come to the polls has been Laura Dern, who has lived a election day difcilmente forget. The actress Story of a marriage has come to vote for the first time with her son and has taken advantage of the ocasin to remember that his followers must do the same. “What time you go to vote for the first time with your son! We did it! Let us vote for who we feel hopeful with our planet!“type the interpreter, visibly proud of this new step.

Jessica Biel was holding a double. The ‘supermartes’ match with her 38th birthday and what festej high for everything, not without before to exercise their right (and splurge a sense of humor). “Test today, I’ve done something more than eating cake. If you do not vote, do not recibirs a sticker to post it on Instagram. Not podrs listen to your voice and to influence the world in which we live, but… the sticker“type the woman of Justin Timberlake.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria or Emily Ratajkowski, a strong supporter of the campaign of the candidate Bernie Sanders, are just some of the celebrities you have immortalized the moment by posting a photo with the sticker to their social networks, accompanied of protest messages.