The Kardashian sisters reveal one of their secrets to maintain strong and healthy hair


Between all the pastimes we have carried out during the quarantine, one of the most appealing has been, without doubt, the take care and treat ourselves to ourselves. And is that, thanks to the break, we’ve got a time that before we did not have to catch up with the ritual beauty pending. A few weeks we also have served to let breathe the skin a little and, above all, the hair. Something that up until the very Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian have been put into practice and have taken it very seriously, according to have revealed to his millions of followers through one of his last appearances virtual, in the Youtube channel of the same name in one of the sisters. You already anticipate that you are going to feel very identified with them because, although sometimes come to think that you already raised with the perfect complexion, the face hydrated and the hair soft, is actually also hard for them to keep the face and the hair shining.

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A few minutes of starting the video and once that Kourtney has done presentations, Khloé says: “you look like a lot to me feel all the time the hair”, to which she replies: “do you know why? It remains for me as well after I shower, because I leave it to air dry and I sleep with it loose, not I have hairstyle today!”. What began as a chat about “the well-being in quarantine” it ended up being a masterclass of care to the hair. In this way, the greatest of the clan Kardashian ended up confessing that lately it is washing with water only (and without the use of products) after a workout, while Khloé acknowledged to do something similar: wash it off in depth once a week and the other days use dry shampoo.

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At this point, we imagine, must have been many times you’ve done the classic question… “is it good to wash both the hair or is it better to take a break and do it less often?” Well, the answer was very strange that seems to us – not dictated by the Kardashian sisters, but they are the professionals who give the real keys to keep the hair nourished, hydrated and soft. “If you wash your hair every day you’re destroying the hydrolipidic layer (that protects us from external agents) of the scalp, what causes the skin to secrete more, causing more fat“explains Laura Calongestylist SAHB (Sonia Atanes Hair Beauty). But quiet, if for work purposes you have to wash it daily, there is also a solution app you: “it is important to do it with a shampoo is often professional“he says.


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Of course, talking about it wouldn’t make any sense if you don’t mencionásemos the benefits that contains the dry shampoo and that he is vital for these situationsone of the favorite products of the Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, but also of the professionals. “Highly recommended, since they are a very good solution for spacing out the washes, and in addition, to maintain hairstyle”comments Roxana Gutudirector of Lobelia Sagasta. So if you’re still of the which uses it as an emergency solution in between cleaning, please remove this idea from your head and turn it into your cosmetic of worship with a multitude of uses and possibilities.