The pissed off, Ariana Grande with their look-a-likes | the Big bang


Ariana Grande is showing these days in their social networks that far from being a diva unattainable is a human being like any other with their good days, their bad days and their scheduled days. We have seen the soloist of Boca raton pissed by the relaxation of the people to comply with the quarantine; or show their curls natural and her face without make-up; brand-new songs and also getting a good pissed off.

All because they are not very happy with the image that their look-a-likes are projecting herself through social networks such as TikTok where with the arrival of spring in quarantine are blooming girls that want to replicate the style of the performer of Florida (united States).

A few days ago Ariana Grande was applauding a beautiful reflection of the actor Jordan Firstman in criticizing the memes that made of him (“I have an idea. What would happen if you picked up a clip from a movie, where an artist put all his effort and years to achieve them, recontextualizamos and laughed about it? As well as degrading its value. Well, that are the memes”) and their critical thinking continued in that line by taking the anger that he had inside.

“My god, my god, I agree and more with these fakes of girls TikTok with pigtails, such that placing voice of cat and wearing eyeliner and hoodies think they look like me… I feel like Jordan, and more in it to degrade its value,” he wrote in the stories of her Instagram the singer.

The comment has not finished laying very well all over the world, and perhaps by the impact that were taking his words the soloist decided to eliminate its publication.

Ariana Grande trying to explain with his words that his style is only a part of what it mean to be an artist. A trade that takes many years working on and perfecting her vocal technique.