The present of Amber Heard, the ex of Johnny Depp: a couple with a director


Amber Heard, the ex of Johnny Depp, in partner with the director Bianca Butti

The actress Amber Heard

she was seen passionately kissing with the director of cinema in california

Bianca Butti

in mid-January in a hotel near the area of Palm springs, in Los Angeles.

In these images and in a video published by the news site british The Daily Mail, you can see the actress and the filmmaker exchanged kisses and confidences before climbing into a Mustang, the property of Heard.

These images come to confirm a relationship that would come after the

difficult to divorce from the star of Aquaman with Johnny Depp

. From 2016,

Amber faces the Justice with her ex-husband

. While she sued him for an alleged case of domestic violence, he initiated a cause for alleged defamation.

Actress Amber Heard and director, Bianca Butti, together in Los Angeles

While it resolves this lattice of judicial, Amber decided to try his luck in the love after his break with the tycoon of Tesla and co-founder of Paypal, Elon Musk, and with the argentine director,

Andy Muschietti


Bianca Butti seems to have returned the illusion by love on a stage that is very difficult for the director.

The filmmaker is fighting breast cancer

to the that he planted battle a few years ago. In this second assault, Butti chose to narrate through your profile on Instagram (buttibeatsit) each of the quimios facing and the operations to which it has had to undergo. A road to recovery in the now with all the affection of his girl, actress Amber Heard.

The audio leaked of Amber Heard which would complicate his judicial situation

The audio in that Amber Heard admits to have beaten Johnny Depp – Source: YouTube



the counterclaim

Johnny Depp against Heard follows its course,

the portal The Daily Mail published in the last hours, extracts of conversations

the exmatrimonio filed in 2015 as part of a therapy that is recorded discussing their personal problems. In the same, Heard he admits to have hit the actor on more than one occasion, while he tries to calm her down for fear of “becoming” at the scene of a crime.”

“I don’t know what was the movement of my hand, but you’re well, you’re not hurt, do not you threw a punch, only I was hitting,” he says on the audio.

“I can’t promise that I’m not going to physically react in another opportunity. God, sometimes I so angry that I lose the reason.

I regret not having beaten across the face with a slap is appropriate, but I was taking a punch. Baby, you’re not beaten”, is the hear Heard. In another moment of the chat, Depp conveys his concern for the link that kept. “Babe, I told you once, there can be violence, we should separate ourselves if there is.”

The impact of the audio was such that even

fans of Depp called for justice for the actor on social networks

, and The Daily Mail asserted that there are more audios of the same tenor which would complicate to be Heard.