The reason behind the encounter between Salma Hayek and Hanna Jaff, the mexican will go to the royal family


The actress topped an event in the framework of the International Women's Day, in the which was the future member of the british royal family (Photo: Instagram)
The actress topped an event in the framework of the International Women’s Day, in the which was the future member of the british royal family (Photo: Instagram)

Salma Hayek held a meeting with women, among which he highlighted the corporate mexican and future member of the british royal family, Hanna Jaff, to those who spoke of the importance of female empowerment.

The actress topped an event in the framework of the International Women’s day organized by The Caring Foundation, in which were members of The Garden of Annabel.

During this meeting spoke about female empowerment and the violence that exists and is latent against women.

Was the mexican Hanna Jaff who spoke with the magazine Hi USA on the talk that was Salma.

Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)
Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)

The day was wonderful, so much love and unity in a room, a room full of women entrepreneurs only had one thing in common: all of us are proud of being women,” said the young man who won the heart of Henry Roper-Curzon, who is Baron of Teynham.

“(We had) conversations on gender equality focused on making significant improvements in the lives of vulnerable women and children. We left the room feeling motivated by women as powerful as Salma Hayek, Rita Ora and Vanessa Redgrave, Sabrina Elba and Joelej Richardson,” said Hanna Jaff, on the talk that she gave Salma in front of several women.

Jaff also had the opportunity to describe Salma Hayek: “It is a charming, a leader, strong and courageous, knows how to make the audience listen and feel empowered“.

“She is a role model and talk about our love for the charity and Mexico”said the businesswoman and philanthropist mexican who acquired great fame when he participated in the reality show of Netflix, Made in Mexico.

Few days ago it was revealed that Hanna Jaff he is at the point of contracting marriage with a member of the far the british royal family, Henry Roper-Curzon.

Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)
Hanna Jaff (Photo: Instagramhannajaff)

The mexican was born 4 November 1986 in San Diego, California, but grew up with the family of his mother in Tijuana, Baja California. Also has ancestors noble since his first name is of kurdish origin and belongs to the tribe of Jaff.

According to their official website, he is a descendant of Pashas, Viziers of the Ottoman Empire and their ancestral home is the Castle of Sherwana. While by its mother, has its origins French. She is the great granddaughter of Carlos Henry Bosdet, who installed the first phone in Mexico, during the mandate of Porfirio Díaz.

Despite being part of an affluent family and have starred in a reality show, its activities are focused in the obtained by his profession, since he studied Psychology with specialties in Criminal Justice and Political Science at the National University of California. Later, he completed a master of Arts in the University of Harvard.

In addition, they are common their activities in search of better conditions for the disenfranchised. Created the Foundation Jaff for the Education, which, according to the data offered in their web site, has benefited more than 120,000 migrants and refugees, those who learn English.

“I love to help others, that’s why I wanted to do the reality show. I from the beginning I said: ‘What am I going to do’ to tell my story and inspire others. For me education is everything. I have seen all the world, I’ve lived in the Middle East with my dad, I’ve been in refugee camps. I am a girl of the border, I’m from Tijuana and San Diego. I truth I’m looking to improve the world, to put my granite of sand”, explained in the first episode of the show produced by Netflix and that caused great controversy among the mexican society in 2018.


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