the story behind the song Karol G and Nicki Minaj


“Tusa” it is the song most listened to by the argentines in Spotify several weeks ago. In addition to awakening memes by the rare Spanish of Nicki Minaj -“but I made bull that crying for nara”-, often producing an obvious question to be heard among friends: what is the meaning of “tusa”?

It is a word of colombian origin that refers to when a person is spiteful and can’t overcome to an old love. That’s why, when someone says that it is “entusada” is that you can’t leave behind that former. Which means that you can use “tusa” when terminás a relationship and things are not in good terms.

Let’s put it in context. “You no longer have an excuse (No, No) Today went out with his friend so-called pa’ kill the husk (Ah, tusa) That because a man paid her badly (Ah)”sings the colombian Karol G at the start of the topic. The singer advises us that all evil loves, the best girlfriends are the best solution for healing a broken heart.

And although used as a pretext for a disappointment in love, the background of the song is the support that exists between women, the union and the strength to move forward from the adversity, even when the conditions are unfavorable.

“Tusa”, the hit reggaetonero of the time

In addition to the letter, the video for “Husk” is full of symbolism, where each element has a meaning.

Karol G explained recently: “The fact that I am dressed in all pink and all of the video is pink expresses the sweetness and femininity of who we are, the fact that the video has parts luxurious and ostentatious in some way wants to say that we can have what we want, that we are women that we have achieved many things with which we have worked”.

Even the horses are for a reason: “horses mean wisdom, power and strength, that’s why I put them and I put them in a fantasy world because we all have dreams, that place where we want to go”.