The strong resemblance between Millie Bobbie Brown and Natalie Portman


When we thought that the Internet users could not have more occurrences, it turns out that they have a new theory. Fans Natalie Portman ensure that the little actress Millie Bobby Brown is your clone.

Although it is remarkable the great physical resemblance, another coincidence is that both actresses started their career at a very young age; Natalie began at the age of 13 when she starred in The Professional and from that time until now, has had large roles in the film, even as he won a Oscar for Best Actress by Black Swan.
While the star of Stranger Things he began his career at the age of 7 in the series Intruders, and the result of its interpretation as Eleven in the series of Netflix, has become one of the celebs most coveted, so much so, that earned him a nomination for Emmy.

But the race is not the only thing they have similar, users of Twitter discovered semenjanzas physical (too many) between Natalie and Millie.

Here are a few examples. Definitely their physical features are sooo similar.