The tennis player japanese Naomi Osaka surpasses Serena Williams as the athlete better paid according to Forbes


The tennis star japanese Naomi Osaka, 22 years of age, became the athlete female highest paid in the world with USD 37.4 million admitted in the last 12 months, as reported in the Friday, may 22, 2020 magazine Forbes.

Income from prizes and sponsors Osaka, winner of two Grand Slam tournaments, exceeded $ 1.4 million added in the last year, its us rival Serena Williams.

Both players broke the previous mark of higher revenue in a single year, which were 29.7 million earned in 2015 by his colleague Russian Maria Sharapovarecall last February.

“For those who do not belong to the world of tennis, Osaka is a face relatively new with a great background story,” he said to Forbes David Carter, professor of sports business from the University of Southern California.

“Combine that with that he is young and bicultural – two qualities that help resonate with younger audiences and global – and the result is the emergence of an icon of the sports marketing overall,” said Carter.

Osaka, whose father was born in Haiti and whose mother is japanese, ranked 29th in the Forbes list 2020 of the 100 athletes best paid in the world, four places ahead of Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slam titles individual during his extraordinary career.

The list of 100 athletes are better paid, that will be published in full next week, didn’t include two women from 2016, noted Forbes.

Serena Williams, 38 years old, was the athlete the best paid in the world in each of the last four years – has accumulated a total of more than $ 300 million in his career – while Sharapova has occupied that place during the previous five years.

Osaka he broke into the elite of tennis to win consecutively the titles of the U.s. open 2018, the first victory of a Grand Slam for a tennis player japanese, and the Australian Open in 2019.

In 2019, Osaka signed a contract with Nike, for which he received $ 10 million in the last year, and that extends to 2025. Other sponsorship deals include the japanese companies Nissan and Yonex, the manufacturer of sports equipment.

From that Forbes he began to track the income of women athletes women in 1990, the first position of this list has always held a tennis player.