the trick of their make-up artist for your ‘look Barbie’


It’s Barbie Malibu!“, “Simply awesome”, “More beautiful than ever!”, “Princess Barbie”, “you’re such a diva”, “Sheer beauty and elegance”, “I love the dress”, “How can you be so beautiful?”, “But, oh, how sexy!”… These are some of the reactions that Sophie Turner caused with the look I chose to go to the SAG Awards, which were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles this week. Days later, its appearance continues to speak and there are many who saw the actress Game of Thrones converted in a new version of the Barbie doll, with its spectacular mane blonde, and her dress fuchsia Louis Vuitton.

Sophie Turner: the trick of their make-up artist for your look, Barbie VIEW GALLERY

However, it was her makeup that stole all the flashes, specifically its look. “IWhat tabs!“, “Do magic with your eyes”, “Please, I need to know what brand you used“”It is a make-up dream”, “Your eyelashes are so over,” or “Is, without a doubt, my makeup favorite,” have said fans of the woman of Joe Jonas after seeing the look he created for her Georgie Eisdell. By the time the makeup artist does not want to reveal what products you used to get to give so much volume to your tabsbut what you have shared has been their trick to make them so spectacular. “Apply many many layers”, has responded to a follower who asked him what was his ‘secret’.

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This is a surefire trick that is used by many makeup artists when they want to give more importance to the look. In fact, in the case of Sophie becomes even more prominent role since leave the rest of your face very naturalwith a light base for a skin of porcelain, touch of blush on the cheeks and lip nude. In addition, Eisdell used a palette of shades of pink very clear, to come out to play with her dress.

Sophie Turner: the trick of their make-up artist for your look, Barbie VIEW GALLERY

It is the element that opens the eyesus, ” says José Luis García Berjando, Makeup Artist at Givenchy, on the effects of the mascara. “If we want to enlarge the eye we should apply it even in the tabs below (more subtly than in the above) so that the effect of openness is greater,” he says. Yes, you have to be careful not to over with the amount of product. “It is preferable to shape them first with a curling iron and to make up with a mask that defines and lengthen, rather than applying an excess of volume that runs out apelmazando,” says the professional makeup artist Cristina Lobato, as if it is not what you get with that is precisely the opposite effect and it will look like you have a lot more eyes small.