These are the hidden messages of the video for ‘I love me’


After a well-deserved break, Demi Lovato returns to music with more force than ever. His appearance at the ceremony of the Grammy awards last January, showed that start of a new era for the singer surprise with the release of his new single ‘Anyone’

Has recently released a new song called ‘I love me’ which is a statement of intent in every rule and that carries a lot of implicit messages in the lyrics and in the music video.

It is clear that the song pretend that we love ourselves, something that has been dedicated to the singer in his battle with addiction and weight issues and mental health. And now the artist wants you to learn.

The video shows a Demi Lovato looking through journals in which they appear perfect girls, socially speaking, when all of a sudden appear another Demi Lovato to fight against the thoughts of his alter ego. Something that is sure to identify more than one of her followers.

When the singer goes out to the street in the video appears another message that Demi wants to launch with their song. The camera focuses on a couple of two guys kissing in the mouth advocating for the normalization of the gay community to which she belongs.

The next moment he remembers his relationship with the Jonas Brothers. Three boys brown dresses with a american bright cross with the singer without attention. Taking into account that his friend Nick and she have grown apart, it seems to be a reference to the state of the relationship between the two, after the singer sitiera rankled by the celebration of the wedding of the artist when she still could not attend.

An ambulance parked on the sidewalk with one of the paramedics pushing a stretcher is the next scene that the artist wants us to discover how it feltin this case, when he suffered the overdose.

Without doubt, a topic with a priceless sense for the artist to discover the issues that have affected her and to a lot more people, and that their fans will see it as it is.