They discover a masked man in selfie Jennifer Lopez | THE IMPARTIAL


UNITED STATES.- Jennifer Lopez posted a sensual photo in front of the mirror last Friday, and the “detective” netizens eagle eyes noticed something weird in the background of your image.

In the background of the photo of Lopez appeared as a man “masked” is not identified, which has left many users of social networks concerned.

Several users commented that if the mysterious man was putting a face mask or if you simply had put your hand upon your mouth.

“The fitness of Jen and Alex is connected to your office space. When you have a meeting of Zoom, projected on a large screen. You can see the arm of Alex in the photo (wearing a blue shirt). The man in the photo was a business partner in Zoom (on the big screen) and his hand covered his mouth. That is not a mask,” said a source to People magazine.

Lopez and the former star of the Yankees committed during their vacation in march of 2019, and since then have not fixed a date for marriage.

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