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The cult status that it has the only film of terror of Kubrik long in coming, as the immediate reactions to its premiere in the united States, may 23, 1980, saw in the work an excess of formalism and attention to detail that went to the spectator a sinister history.

King, the author of the novel on which it is based, the tape, summed up perfectly the general feeling: “It’s like a big beautiful Cadillac with no motor inside.”

The writer never finished to convince the adaptation to the big screen, despite the fact that the perfectionism of Kubrik lengthened the shooting for a year and the given interpretation of Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, whose scene breaking down a door with an axe is one of the most celebrated of the film.


Little has served that in time the images of “The Shining” have been repeated ad nauseum, and replicated in dozens of films and television series: Decades later, in 2016, a journalist asked King for the film by Kubrik and his opinion has not changed.

“I feel the same, because the character of Jack Torrance does not have tour in this movie. Absolutely none”, he replied.

King did not like the choice of Nicholson from the beginning and also the role that the principal designed for him, too schizophrenic and crazy.

“When you see it for the first time Jack Nicholson you know he’s mad as a rat shit, only becomes more mad”, explained the writer, who conceived of his protagonist as a man struggling to keep sanity between alcohol problems and their ghosts (internal and external).


However, Kubrick decided to portray a transition to the madness much more explosive and gimmicky, using all the resources available to the language of the cinema.

For example, “The Shining” was one of the first films to use the Steadicam, which did even better to give away those unrepeatable scenes of labyrinthine walking the hallways of the hotel to board the tricycle of a very young Danny Lloyd.

The priceless scene of the sinister twin recorded with this resource.

It was not the first time that the filmmaker adopted innovations, as laid many of the foundations of “Star Wars,” “2001: A Space Odyssey” and even developed the “product placement” in collaboration with the departments of innovation from IBM and Vogue to design technologies and the clothes of the future.


Kubrik managed to design so many shots of effect in “The Shining”, which to this day continues to serve of reference to filmmakers and even sneak in a cartoon.

In “Toy Story” when Woody and Buzz arrive at the house of the child that tortures toys, the carpet tread is exactly the same as that of the Overlook Hotel where appear the twins.

Also the number of the infamous room where it is happening, the action of “The Shining”, 237, is repeated several times in registration, security cameras, and other details of “Toy Story 3”.

Until the friendly “Coconut” sneaks a portrait of the twins -in version of the skeleton – inside of the decoration for the feast of the Day of the Dead that draws the course spirit of Frida Kahlo.

Also, in “The Simpsons” have been traced scenes in several episodes, including the initial image that crosses with camera aerial scenery of mount Hood, Oregon.


Although it went quite unnoticed, in 2019, was released in cinemas the long-awaited sequel with the title of “Doctor Sleep”.

But it was eclipsed by the success of the franchise “IT” and was considered a failure and discouraged the studies of preparing a rumored sequel or prequel, but the director put an end to “Star Wars”, J. J. Abrams, is already preparing a tv series inspired by the terrifying hotel that Kubrik immortalized in the film.