Tutorial: Selena Gomez teaches us how to wash our hands properly, Watch how he does it!


Selena Gomez teaches to all his followers on instagram the correct way to wash hands How beautiful!

Selena Gomez is one of the actresses, and singers has left us enamored with her beauty and her amazing talent since she was only a girl, remember that his first steps to fame began in the popular series children’s Barney Do you remember it?

In addition to the previously posed, the actress is the woman most followed on Instagram as it has 172 million followers, and on this occasion, the artist’s most controversial and beautiful of the time published a tutorial video that has left even more in love with all of his followers.

The girl has published in his official account in Instagram a video where you can be like her very carismaticamente teaches its followers step-by-step process of washing hands-how easy!

What has really called the attention of all the followers is that the tutorial is divided in two parts and in the first you can see in slow motion just the right moment when Selena rubbed her thumb.

The actress at the time of posting the video, he cited the following: “Very well, here is my #SafeHands Challenge thank you @ariannahuff! Now I challenge @iamcardib, @gigihadid and @oliviawilde I hope that all are kept safe inside! PD: I had to redo this video many times. better than I have”