Twitter accounts of Adam Sandler and Mariah Carey were hacked


Racist insults, and against other celebrities is the recognizable brand of the so-called Chuckling Squad, a group of hackers that hackean accounts of celebrities. The most recent victim was actor Adam Sandler and singer Mariah Carey.

The December 31, the account of Carey, with 21.4 million followers, was used to post messages that are racist, pornographic, and sexist, and at the same time tried to revive the old disagreement of Carey with Eminem, about an alleged relationship, which the singer denied, and the rapper ensures that happened in 2001.

Most of the tweets from Carey were quickly eliminated, including those that signaled that the group Chuckling Squad took responsibility for the violation of identity.

A racist comment against the african american community in the account of Carey is repeated in the account of Sandler, two days later. The 2 of January, from the Twitter account of the actor, with more than two million followers, posted racist messages against african-americans, the president of the united States, Donald Trump, the ex-governor and Barack Obama’s own Carey.


“I just had phone sex with @MariahCarey” or “@realDonaldTrump you are a racist kook. RT if you agree. #2020 #QueTeJodanTrump”, were some of the tweets that were published

Screenshot for Jován Pulgarín/CNET

According to a representative of Sandler to The Hollywood Reporterthe account was blocked just became aware of the violation.

In August of 2019, the group Chuckling Squad she had access to the account of Jack Dorsey, executive chairman of Twitter, and also other official accounts of celebrities, including Chloë Grace Moretz.

The Office of the District Attorney of the County of Santa Clara, in California, ordered the arrest of a member of the group of pirates, after the hacking of the account of Dorsey. According to the portal Vicethis member was expelled a month before the group of pirates.