We are still obsessed with Britney Spears


LOS ANGELES — Welcome to the fantastic land of Britney Spears: the Britney of the past, the Britney that we want her to be.

Britney Spears: The Zone, an interactive area of 2787 square metres created by fans and dedicated to the career of the princess of pop, she has ridden in a time when there is no signal of his return to Las Vegas —or any stage— and even is subject to guardianship, personal and financial.

“Museums-ups are my favorites,” said Shannon Stone, 28 years old, bookkeeper of productions planned. Stone, who was dressed as a Britney student, filmed the video for your stories section of Instagram, while the eyes of a python 10 metres, hand-carved watched the scene from on high.

“There is always music and each room has a new background, something with which dreams of every girl who uses Instagram,” he said. “It’s everything you could want”. Stone calculated that it had taken close to 500 pictures that day. (It was 3:20 p. m.).

In the room of Circus, the guests were waiting in line to jump in a pool filled with 80,000 balls of white plastic. A visitor of The Zone is dipped in the pool to take on his shoulders a child who was submerged. A man explored the balls, as if looking for something.

“I lost my friend!”, shouted. Another adult came out of the pool of balls as if it had been rehearsed.

For decades, this site was a beacon for prosperous excess american, located in the heart of Hollywood. An emporium of everything from jewelry zirconia up Ziploc bags for sandwiches.

Later, in November of 2018, andl Kmart that was in front of the Grove closed its doors forever. During a year, the space was empty and forgotten. They were just the rubble of their former glories. This place was waiting for a producer entrepreneur who came up with what would be his second life. A classic plate Of Hollywood.

“When we got the space in November, it was completely empty, with a couple of cash registers left in the front and without walls,” said Jeff Delson, 36 years, executive director of the company of marketing music Black Sky Creative and co-creator, along with Shannon Ramirez and Lee Rosen, Britney Spears: The Zone. The three said they are superfanáticos of Britney.


This experience pop-up will be available until April 26. The price of the tickets from the station 59.50 at 64,50 dollars in peak hours, and are sold in blocks of 15 minutes, so that no more than 12 to 15 people in each activation. This reduces the crowds and allows visitors to take selfis quietly. However, it also implies that The Zone is quiet and lonely at times.

If the price of the ticket is too expensive, the lobby of The Zone is open to all. Here is the selling merchandise of five collections capsule, including a collection of rainbow Pride, a collection of military, a collection Zone and souvenir items.

Also on display are four locker rooms authentic Britney, the singer has borrowed, among them the uniform of a purser of the video Toxic and the dress hampón black that clothed the 10 years in their participation in the program Star Search in 1992, just seven years before appearing in her underwear on the cover of Rolling Stone.

“70 dollars is a bit much for someone who hasn’t been relevant recently,” said Rachel Turner, a star of TikTok moderately famous that is 17 years old and graduated early from high school to concentrate on his career in social networks.

Was eating across the street with his friends when he glimpsed the huge mural of a pink Britney that I had seen on social networks. I was not willing to pay the ticket so did not enter The Zone, and we were disappointed to learn that Spears had also not visited.

“I just want to take photos in the pool of balls,” he said. “It’s so aesthetic.”