What is Emma Mackey of Sex Education sister secret of Margot Robbie?

Both are actresses, face a fine and penetrating gaze but no, they are not sisters. While the actress who epitomized Harley Quinn is already an actress well-known at the international level, Maeve of Sex Education you are making hollow, by leaps and bounds.

On the one hand, Emma is very fashionable among the teenagers and for the other, Margot opts to the prize Oscar as a possible best supporting actress this year for her role in the film Bombshell. We have to recognize that the two are precious.

Emma Mackey is the actress who gives life to Maeve in the series of Netflix Sex Education. A few days ago, it premiered the second season of the successful series in the digital platform and now the physical similarities between the two are in the mouth of all.

The truth is
that the resemblance is more than reasonable, not to say that the actresses are as
two drops of water. So much so, that Margot has come to confuse you
street with its predecessor (and not the other way around!) and it seems that the younger will not
makes a lot of grace, ensures that would prefer that people
focus more on the careers of Margot, and she, more that in their faces
very similar they may be.


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