What would you feel if the new girlfriend of your ex… IS LADY GAGA? This happened to a girl…


In view of the discretion with which Lady Gaga has tried to handle his current relationship with Michael Polansky, the mysterious man with whom she was seen exchanging all kinds of love in the weekend of the Super Bowl, it’s not so surprising that the news that the ex of your current boyfriend has written an article for the New York Times -titled ‘The new girlfriend of my ex is Lady Gaga’– has run like wildfire.

Until now only knew that the current partner of the pop star is a former student of Harvard who now runs a foundation dedicated to the research of immunotherapy as a treatment against cancer and created by Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook. However, the above piece reveals that he had previously maintained a courtship of seven years with his author, a journalist called Lindsay Crouse you want to reveal how it reacts to someone after finding out that his former boyfriend of the university is going out with one of the most famous women in the world.

“How does it compare with Lady Gaga?”, this is the question that is to answer. She learned of the news earlier this month, when his mobile phone began to receive thousands of messages: Lady Gaga he had made official his last romance by sharing a photo with her new boy in Instagram, just the day after the super bowl and the known Lindsay did not take long to recognize Michael.