What you eat Halle Berry in a da to stay as well at 51 years old


Updated 07/05/2018 09:42

Although each gives me effort to eat healthy and stay in shape, I have to admit that when I see the tipazo of Halle Berry at 51 years old, I always wonder what be their secret. And after digging into their stories, I guess in a recent post, your account of Instagram which is what the actress eats in a da either. And we discover that it is a faithful follower of the diet keto. If well follow it for a long time, it is not very advisable, is what is to gain strength, muscle and keep us on our weight keeping the lid on the excess carbohydrates that sometimes makes engordemos because it triggers our glucose levels, which then result in an increase of fat.

It is not new that the actress Halle Berry cares much what you eat, and stays in shape to hit the exercise and extra pampering. Besides, the protagonist of “Monster”s Ball” is diabtica and cared for until the end which is carried to the mouth.

Tulipas of tomatoes cherry with fresh cheese.
Tulipas of tomatoes cherry with fresh cheese. Instagram @halleberry

Well, Halle Berry is the follower from years ago of the diet keto or cetognica that confirms our our suspicion that it is a good way of keeping firm and without a pice of sagging as slender.

sto is what you eat Halle Berry in a any according to has posted in your account of Instagram:

For breakfast, opt for a green smoothie or a juice vegan fresh or instantneo with powders, herb brown rice, juice of carrot, spirulina, alfalfa and dust of other sprouts and vegetables rich in micronutrients.

The breakfast of Halle Berry is in a smoothie of vegetables, ra
The breakfast of Halle Berry is in a smoothie of vegetables, roots and herbs. Instagram @halleberry

To eat, opt for a green vegetable tasty as a judas greens accompanied with sauce boloesa. If you don’t like judas green, you can try the zoodles or spaguettis of calabacn keeping this delicious meat sauce with tomato and you can add spices and onion and garlic.

At dinner time, opt for another fix of protenas healthy through a fish rich in omega 3 such as trout with olive sauce and pur cauliflower low carb, and of course, always checking the quantities, preventing the potato that you have ms some starch and sugar.

Thus, Halle Berry nor succumbs to hunger in between meals and what it does to kill the bug is not another thing that to choose tentempis or snacks healthy as a tulipas of tomatoes small or cherry with cream cheese cottage.

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Of course, in terms of staying in shape, Halle don’t skip their “Fitness Friday” and his series of exercises that also help you have that figure dramatically to 51 years.