Will Smith acts as the “Men In Black” in the Wipe It Down Challenge


Will Smith dusted off his suit “Men In Black” for the Wipe It Down Challenge. The star of “Bad Boys” decided to bring it back to the viral challenge that is sweeping TikTok.

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Then, to enter, are you supposed to clean a mirror, and after a few blows, there is a different picture on the surface. Needless to say, Smith had a lot of different characters that could have been marked in this case.

“Fresh Prince” also would have had a lot of sense, but the star has been doing a lot of content for fans of the long comedy of the situation throughout the year. The neuralizador Agent J is always a pleasure for the crowd and the inclusion really sells it.

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Smith mentioned the franchise “Men In Black” at the beginning of this year. He told Jimmy Fallon that he had feelings are complicated on the aftermath. But he said that’s because he was really excited with how it turned out “Bad Boys For Life”.

That kind of feeling made it can be difficult to find when working in a gigantic franchise. The impulse to pull out a sequel while the iron is hot, it can be overwhelming at times. Smith not trying to be fake, but you also have to to promote the film when you get to the cinemas.