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A hard blow received the women’s football at the head of the champion team of the world, the united States. A federal judge rejected the demand of the players against their national federation, which sought to receive the same income that their colleagues from the men’s team.

The ruling in favour of the Football Federation of the united States released by the federal judge of California, R. Gary Klausner, in the complaint of discrimination and filled of disappointment to the players.

Klausner gave the reason to the charged party in most of the key points in the demand of wage discrimination filed by players of the women’s national team of the usa. UU., that represents a great setback lawful for the promoters of the accusation.

Players based the lawsuit filed last year by two reasons: first, that the american football has violated the Law of Equal Pay (EPA) to give less money to the members of the men’s national team; and second, that the federation is the subjected to discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically with regard to the conditions of the place of work.

Klausner ruled in favor of the motion to the federation in a summary judgment with respect to the Law of Equality of Payment, stating in its decision that the players “have not shown a problem is verifiable that the components of the women’s national team receive less money that the players of the selection of men.

The decision of Klausner had its legal basis in the claim of the federation that the players would be paid more in total and per game than their male counterparts during the period in question.

The ruling cited as an indisputable fact that from 2015 to 2019, the women’s national team averaged 220.747 dollars per game and the entire team received 24.5 million dollars, while the men’s national team averaged 212.639 for the match played and the selection received 18.5 million dollars. The money received by the players selected do not include that also won for the compensation of competing in the National League of Women’s Football.

To certify to Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Becky Sauerbrunn as class representatives in the lawsuit in November, the court ruled against the way the federation had established a total compensation and, hence, accepted the demand for a compensation of $ 66 million.

The federation argued at that time that the four players lacked legal basis because they earned more in total than their male counterparts.

By standing at the side of the plaintiffs in that time, Klausner cited the precedent that the total compensation alone was not sufficient: a woman could earn more in total, but even so, she would pay a lower rate to violate the Law of Equal Pay.

But the ruling stated that the plaintiffs had failed in the intervening months to establish who earned more in total compensation “due only, or main part, to what they received with the national team, which competed more than the male”. In contrast, the differences in the collective bargaining agreements between the women’s team and the men’s team proved to be the ruin of the claims of the players within the EPA.

Klausner concluded that the differences in the payment structure were the result of the choices made by the players and their union, including the annual wages guaranteed at least $ 100,000 for 20 players contracted, and not discrimination on the part of the federation.

Some prominent members of the women’s national team reacted to the decision in social networks on Friday. The front Rapione, the true leader within the locker room of the women’s national team, wrote on Twitter that “we will never stop fighting for EQUALITY.”

Another star studded player and striker of the national team, Christen Press, is expressed in similar terms of “shall we Continue in the struggle for equal pay”. While Molly Levinson was much more explicit in its assessment of the judgement and said it would give them more strength to continue the struggle.

“We have learned that there are enormous obstacles to change. We know that it takes bravery, courage and perseverance to face them. Apelaremos and we will keep going. Words can not express our gratitude to all those who support us”, underlines Levinson in his Twitter message. For its part, the Federation of Football of the united States, it has not so far made any comment on the failure of the judge Klausner.