10 celebrities who are now neighbors of Harry and Meghan


They went from a lonely life and no neighbours to be surrounded by Hollywood celebrities. So is the new life of Harry, Meghan Markle and his little Archie; in his new residence of Los Angeles, united States.

And is that now, the exduques of Sussex went from “royals” to a few celebrities of the showbiz, only for having belonged to the british royal family and the blue blood running through his veins.

What more calls the attention to the british media and even the own american is to know who are the neighbors of Meghan and Harry?.

Well, they moved to one of the areas most luxurious and wealthy of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, where very few people have access to the life-style of millionaires and famous.

A long list of celebrities

In his new life outside of the uk, Harry and Meghan will have a long list of neighbors who have even won Oscars.

In your same area or perimeter reside personalities such as singer Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence.

The son of Charles of England and his wife live in the same area that the singer Adele, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Rod Stewart, Hillary Duff, and actress Abigail Spencer.

Another of the most well known faces of there are the singer Elton John. For nobody is a secret that he kept a close relationship with Lady Di, already deceased in a traffic accident.

Also, Harry and Meghan are living near the famous tennis player Serena Williams, who is a great friend of the exduquesa of Sussex and has open doors to the new home of the british family.

It’s true that the younger son of Diana of Wales and his wife codearán with the big stars of Hollywood.

The former spouse had planned a welcome party in the most pure Hollywood style in that they would meet the great figures of world celebrity, but you will after you pass the pandemic Covid-19.

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