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In 1994, Mariah Carey wrote it in just 15 minutes and with a keyboard Casio which today already is the christmas carol most cost-effective of the story. ‘All I want For Christmas Is You’ is not only breaking records in streaming each passing year, but also has built a small empire around the melody. So, from 2018, it also pulls in revenue by selling a book-karaoke and a Funko of herself dressed as Mama Noel.

$ 60 million dollars. This is the approximate amount of benefits by copyrights which, according to this article from the Economistleads accumulated Mariah Carey thanks to ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, to date in the united States. To your time and according to confirm The Independentin the Uk , each year will pocket 500,000 pounds under the same concept. In fact, to have the picture as a whole of the global gains that reports the song will have to add the royalty that pockets in each country where you are using the song.

In the same line and to not lose pace, three days ago, the brand of potato chips Walkers was inaugurated the period pre-christmas with an ad starring Carey and his famous christmas carol.

Streaming. The christmas of 2018 represented a new record of listening to the christmas carol, from Carey to accumulate 229 million reproductions in digital platforms, video and audio. To get an idea, since the one of October the reproductions have already increased by 99% compared to the rest of the year, on Spotify. However and in comparison with the reproductions of 2018, it is expected that the figures will trigger yet more: between October and December of last year the listeners of the christmas carol, shot a 2,077%.

Song to a cultural product. The numbers that come from the exploitation of the song have promoted that ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is much more than a song that played on loop. In recent years they have created two more products through which to diversify the revenues of this musical empire: a funko, and a book. Just like it happens with multiple icons pop, Mariah Carey has her figure in mini size dressed Mom Noel and sells for only five dollars, a price below most of the figures.

On the other hand, the singer also wanted to exploit the success of the song, creating a karaoke-illustrated and designed specifically for the child audience. In this way, the experience of his christmas carol is complete by offering the ability to be read and sung as a folk song more.



Records. According to reports Tech Timesthe carol Carey is located at the gates of the ten songs more sold of the history. To give you an idea, the most sold is ‘White Christmas‘Bill Cosby’s followed by ‘Candle in the wind’ by Elton John. But the thing does not stop there. The album contains ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’, ‘Merry Xmas’ is also the christmas compilation album more sold of the history. If you are still not enough for you, the last January 2, the song was placed at number three on the list Hot Billboard chart, becoming the the first christmas song to hold this positionafter 60 years of vacuum.

25 years. The song created exclusively for Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff and inspired by the christmas carol, 60, ‘Baby Please Come Home, to meet this 2019 its first quarter century. However, the fact that the album christmas Carey includes a version of the song Darlene Love has confused the public into thinking that it is also yours. And is that, throughout these more than two decades, Mariah Carey has gone from being a diva of the 90 most to the face of the Christmas by the Papa Noel rojo Coca Cola, even to be the meme that has taken the step from Halloween to the period pre-christmas.

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Image: Walkers/Youtube

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