6ix9ine called Doja Cat

After their recent fights with Snoop Dogg and Rich the Kid, 6ix9ine has set its sights on Doja Cat.

On Sunday, the list of successes, “Say So” appeared on Instagram Live to address the recent accusations of racism. During the live broadcast, it also made reference to the competition and lists.

“What is your favorite artist, and there is no judgment, if you care about that? Wonderful. That’s okay, “ said Doja, according to XXL. “There is nothing wrong in wanting a number 1 and work hard to reach that number 1. For me? I don’t give a shit “.

Although Doja did not mention 6ix9ine by his name, has made public his battle for the number 1. He stated that Billboard manipulated the lists to avoid that “GOOBA” debuted on the Hot 100. In contrast, the song entered at number 3 after “Stuck With U” Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber at no. ° 1 and “Say So” of Doja with Nicki Minaj on the n. No. 2.

After listening to talk in Instagram Live, Tekashi decided to put Doja on explosion and start your own party #CancelDoja. “She started with the wrong … give me until tomorrow #canceldoja,” she wrote on Instagram.

In a comment later, he shot again: “Someone called his dog Doja”.

Doja is under fire after being accused of making racist comments in chat rooms and record a song for 2015 called “Dindu Nuffin”, a racist slur that makes a mockery of the victims of police brutality. The hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty started to be a trend as a result of the controversy, which led to an apology from Doja.

“I’ve used public chat rooms to socialize since I was a child,” he said in a statement. “I shouldn’t have been in some of those sites to chat rooms, but I’ve personally never been involved in any conversation racist. I feel sorry for all those I offended “.

Doja added: “I Am a black woman. Half my family is black from south Africa and I am very proud of my origin “.