6ix9ine, the rapper gangster multicolor that bind ‘hits’ with problems with the law | People and Celebrity

6ix9ine is a professional’s attention. From his name literally, sesentaynueve, in allusion to the posture in sexual until its appearance, with the hair and the teeth stained in the colors of the rainbow and a tattoo with the number of his name spread throughout body and face. The rapper young (22 years old) has starred in one of the promotions most striking of recent years in the world of rap: just a year ago and a half was an unknown total, a petty criminal from New York who had just begun to record songs, and was associated with bands such as the famous Crips. Now, after releasing hits with Nicki Minaj and the puerto rican Anuel AA, his past seems to have returned to him: the artist has been accused of extortion and links to organized crime and faces a possible sentence of imprisonment.

It is not the first problem that the young rapper has with the justice. 6ix9ine on parole after having been convicted of this same year by recording a child while she practiced oral sex and spread the video on the Internet. Before being famous, he had already been convicted for drug trafficking, but the charge current is of another level: according to the u.s. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the artist participated in an armed robbery, in several shootings and was involved in the sale of drugs highly addictive. His former manager and several of his co-workers also have been arrested in an operation that could cost him 32 years in prison. The judge, in addition, he has denied the possibility of bail, for the risk that the new yorker “remains a danger to the community”.

6ix9ine or Tekashi, his other stage name, is actually called Daniel Hernandez and has had a life so less complicated. Born in New York city to a mexican mother, he never knew his biological father and the foster-died shot and killed when Hernandez was 13 years old. The rapper had to be engaged in the retail of drugs, mainly marijuana, to help his family and came to spend time in the prison of Rikers, where he had contacts with the band Nine Trey Gangsters, associated with the Bloods band mainly african-american known for his deadly rivalry with the Crips, portrayed in films such as Colors (1988), Dennis Hopper.

The summer of last year, Hernandez began to gain popularity in the Internet because of its unusual appearance and his aggressive style of rapping, becoming very fast in a meme andante. Her first single, Gummo, reached number 12 on Billboard chart, thanks in part to the ability of 6ix9ine the news permanently: disagreements with other musicians, videos rocambolescos, public challenges to all kinds of criminal gangs… The rapper has always felt at ease in the eye of the hurricane and has made the controversy a form of life that has served to drive her ever more successful singles. Fefewith Nicki Minaj, was in the top 3 in the united States and Babywith Anuel AA, has been number one in several countries. And 6ix9ine is a whole star of Instagram: more than 15 million followers and videos with millions of hits. One which aroused particular controversy was published in march of this year, in which he appeared to be in poor areas of the Dominican Republic handing out money to poor children and calling himself “angel”.

However, it has never had any problem be openly acknowledged as a gangster or a gang member. On the contrary, has always boasted of it in their songs, and recently a judge ordered it to stop making apology of the criminal gangs in their tracks or to interact with gang members, within the terms of his probation. Even, recently, the rapper had to stall the shooting of the video Breast, that included Kanye West, after an unidentified person fired against the manor in which you carried out the filming. No one was injured and 6ix9nine gave thanks Instagram for being “alive and free”. A situation that has lasted too long to Hernandez, who will have to see how he launches his first album Dummy Boy is scheduled for this Friday, November 23, from inside the prison.