“Abused me from 6 to 14 years”


Bella Thorne has achieved status as one of the influential figures among young audiences thanks to his facet as an actress, singer and activist. Openly declared bisexual, the 21-year old woman has just published a book called The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray where he talks about how traumatic that was his childhood as the star of Disney. In the words of the own Bella, suffered abuse from 6 to 14 years, something that ensures that has done a lot more strong.

Bella Thorne attended the program BUILT to present his biographical book and left a few statements which will give the around the world. And is that the artist began his career being just a girl, but that which to many seems to be a dream (working for Disney) for her it was a nightmare.

Bella ensures that your transition from child to adult was “hard”. “Be abused, since you have 6 years until you get to 14, are circumstances pretty hard”, explained in front of the camera. “You’re being abused physically all the time. Seems a heck of a lot more fucking difficult to be chased by paparazzi since you have 12 years”, he added.

But if there is something that stands out from these statements is the fact that Bella Thorne reveal the abuses to which it was subjected and that many of the adults that were around did see that nothing was happening.

“It’s pretty hard in my mind to think all those camera flashes of the photographers, and all those people who thought they knew me and spoke about me but that I had no idea of the type of abuse with which I was dealing all the time. Abuse that everyone around me knew it but against which it did not do anything,” he said.

Bella Thorne has not wanted to reveal the name of the adult who abused her but has stressed that “it was somewhat more hard to cope with all the shit that I face today.”