“All I Want for Christmas Is You”: How Mariah Carey created the christmas song that ended with all the christmas carols


No one had released never a christmas record at the peak of his career. The mere notion was absurd 25 years ago, when the charts were still filled with classics such as Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, or (as much) Wham! every time he came the month of December. Which means that, in 1994, try to add a new composition to a collection of christmas carols written in stone since decades it was a suicide mission: maybe some you’ve been with nothing to lose, and certain possibilities of recycled as a product tacky could try it, but not Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey had all the future ahead (and to the music industry at his feet) when he bet everything to the letter of ‘All I Want for Christmas I You’, probably the song that will be remembered.

The singer was nothing less than ‘Music Box’ (1993), to their incredibly successful third studio album, and the reason that he had managed to sneak no less than five singles among the hundred most played songs in the united States. Billboard magazine had named popstar of the year even before the end of his tour, at which time the pinnacle of Columbia Records decided to meet to discuss the next steps of the Mariah-mania. Tommy Mottola, her then husband and president of Sony Music Entertainment (subsidiary of Columbia), put on the table to finish off the year with a disc of christmas as a simple balloon-probe, but soon the idea started to make sense: it would be a great way to squeeze every last drop of tug-of – ‘Music Box’ before Carey and his lyricist header, Walter Afanasieff, to be put to work on the next LP official. However, the strategy held also a obvious risk.

“Twenty years ago, the music and the christmas albums were not as important as it is now,” she told Afanasieff Billboard in 2014. “By that time, there were not many artists with a christmas album. Was not an exact science, and no one was pulling out christmas carols new big. So we were going to publish it as if it were something current: ‘Hey, so you know, we have done a christmas record. It is not important'”.

Only for Mottola yes he had, so he insisted that his wife and Afanasieff are despejaran full agenda of August to work in ‘Merry Christmas’that is as suggested that they should call the special disk. In your head, that title is so transparent + a cover in which to see Mariah Carey dressed as Mama Noel = the blockbuster musical of the christmas, formula which turned out to be true. Since its launch in November 1994, ‘Merry Christmas’ leads sold fifteen million copies around the world, has garnered a total of six platinum records and, therefore, it is considered the album of christmas carols most famous of all time. But what Carey, Mottola and Columbia Records could not have imagined, nor in the wildest of his dreams was that his small machine to print a little (a lot) of money before the close of the year was going to convert, also, in the disc of her best reviews to date. ‘Music Box’ was fairly well received, but in ‘Merry Christmas’, it was where the journalists music really yielded to the torrent vocal of the artist.

All of this is even more impressive when we take into account what little that Afanasieff and the rest of the lyricists/producers of the disc is worked during that month of August. The structure, melody, chords and arrangements single main, ‘All I Want for Christmas…’, took them to him, and Carey a total of fifteen minutes. Without a doubt, the quarter of an hour more lucrative for all involved. Where the singer himself decided to take the rest, however, was in their interpretation of the theme: as he confessed later, that August, Mariah Carey took the decision to decorate the home she shared with Mottola as if it were christmas Eve, something that (ensures) you helped to get mentally in the role and being able to sing as if the very Spirit of Christmas is concerned. Afanasieff believes that this mix between the simplicity of the piece (“it is Not ‘swan lake,'” he confessed to Billboard) and the commitment of its interpreter for offering the christmas carol, the purest of all-time is what became to ‘All I Want for Christmas I You’ in a sure success from the moment it was recorded.

The letter is direct as a kiss under the mistletoe, there are almost no changes of chord, the singer takes a few sentences to a real roller coaster tonal and sound damn bells all the time: we are in the fucking platonic ideal of a christmas carol, so clever as to make a list of all of the traditions date to the end of your hook, discard them in favor of romantic love. In the background, that is the feeling that our times the laity have been associated most clearly with the christmas season: on top of the tree and the presents and the street lights, this is the time to be with the people that you want. Simple and ingenious as her own, ‘All I Want for Christmas…’ was destined to succeed. But no one, not even Tommy Mottola (so stop with the single who makes a cameo as Santa Claus in the music video), could have foreseen to what extent.

To Emma Green, of The Atlanticthe key is in the word “you”. “(The song) rejects the idea of loving in a general way to focus on love in particularby defining and challenging at the same time the conventions of pop music. ‘Want’ is a kind of hegelian dialectic of the christmas wishesonly that with greater economy and expressive, no doubt, a letter more catchy. Takes the troublesome notions of abundance and specificity, and wrapped in a ohrwurm for several generations”.

It is ironic, therefore, that this apparent exceedance of the most blatantly consumerist christmas has finished transforming into the basis on which Mariah Carey built his entire empire, not to mention his fortune. The artist herself joked about it on the 1st of November, when published a video that I saw happening, which Jack Skellington, from Halloween to christmas literally from night to morning. Carey is already the Queen’s Official Christmas, a title it wears with pride, full awareness of itself and will clear of holding your own backfiring during the last two months of each year. It is an operation so autoparódica as, no doubt, lucrative: each new christmas, the artist, swollen to sign even more live concerts, special television ads for just about anything, appearance stellar and exclusive collaborations with media than the previous. Mariah Carey is, today, a franchise kitsch man. And ‘Want’ is its flagship.

Nothing demonstrates this better than his ‘Carpool Karaoke’, for which James Corden and his team were asking different co-pilots distinguished from past episodes that sing the christmas carol final. The result is a mounting where absolutely everybody seems to be passing in largebecause the song is right on that sweet border between the classic best selling timeless secret weapon that every DJ new year’s Eve known to be reserved until the people are drunk on truth. The video was uploaded to YouTube December 15, 2016. Already accumulated almost 42 million views.

Each year, several dozens of musicians or groups and accepted or assumed by the challenge of adding a new standard christmas the song sheet. Some manage a successful seasonal short wick, others win the applause of the experts, but none has done what Mariah Carey with ‘Want’: something like the christmas carol, which ended with all the christmas carols. Today no one wants to accompany their Instagram Stories christmas with ‘The drummer’ or ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, by naming two songs that we identify very easily with The Bajona. Today there really is only one option.

Or two, if you count the version next to Justin Bieber.

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