Angelina Jolie does not use pajamas (and teaches it in this photo, in bed)


February 22, 2020
(10:08 CET)

The years will go either Angelina Joliesince that does not lose to 44 years old, the seductive beauty who left mesmerized many viewers during its first steps in the film industry. For those who thought that the actress, model, philantropist, among other professions, I could not carry to a new level to their beauty, they have been wrong.

The photo they show of us in bed without pajamas, it eliminates any kind of hesitation on his grace.

The image presents the artist lying face-down on a bed where the white color prevails. With face to be waking up, you see that you sleep without any type of garment for comfort. Thus, they are at the sight of its shocking tattoos already known by all. How to let it go Brad Pitt? This last is the question that a large number of fans is done on a daily basis.

Seems to be recovered from all the blows that life has prepared for you in recent years. It has not only become an icon of elegance in the world, but an advocate of social justice. Your contribution has made to take steps favorable for numerous causes.

Angelina Jolie defends fake news

As an artist, Angelina is accustomed to combat a bombardment of fake news daily, therefore, and in the most efficient manner possible, has begun a campaign to minimize its impact.

Their proposal is focused on the young to understand how to detect a fake news. This initiative will be supported by the BBC. “The children of today are exposed to many opiniones, but not necessarily to information that is fact-based and reliable,” said Jolie.

Angelina Jolie has taken the right path in your life. The time is not able to delete its spectacular and less their ideal to improve the environment where we live. Are there any personality as complete as the californian today?