Axwell Points to the Collaboration of Lady Gaga


Axwell and Lady Gaga would have a Collaboration

Axwell would be a collaboration or a production behind-the-scenes with Lady Gaga on the it could be an album or some Remix.

If you are a fan of Lady Gagaprobably you have been waiting for the new album for quite some time, or as also called, ‘LG6’ currently. In the past, he has worked with Zedd, DJ Snake, Madeon and more as producers on their albums successful past and has been a great face in the community to EDM for years and years. Always pushing the boundaries of music and visual art, the fans anticipate his next job will be the best until now and have recently emerged news that can prove that it is true. Another producer has stepped into the ring, and is no other than the legend itself, Axwell.

The style of Axwell, tweeted sneak up and deleted a tweet that said ‘#LG6‘. This could only mean two things: he’s had a great participation in the process of creating the new album, and will come sooner than we think. Whether it’s a remix, a collaboration or a production from behind the scenes, we don’t know yet, but we can’t wait to hear how it will sound. With these two masterminds fusing their musical skills, we are confident that it will be fantastic and worth the wait.

With Lady Gaga being cryptic on the album also, the fans have been a little dark, but Twitter is still buzzing with rumors and speculation.

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