Baroque against minimal, or what is the same, Emily Blunt against Anna Kendrick

If you lived a big red carpet on the inside, what would you do? do you opt for a dress extraordinarythat is a work of art, or, choose something minimal and simple that I leave to you the role? This has been the choice of Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick, the two opting for the two extremes when it comes to dress, and the two occurring in the target. Is the premiere of Into the woodsand the two actresses have been ten.

Emily Blunt he was gorgeous with a Dolce & Gabanna with transparencies and flowers, a dress that dazzles at the first impression.

Anna Kendrick he preferred the simplicity of a Narciso Rodriguez black-and-white, and the result is also very elegant.

anna kendrick

But not all were good choices in the premiere. By spent there Alyssa Milano that much better he would have stayed at home, because that outfit can’t be more horrible. And the detail of the sheer stockings, leaving a glimpse of the tattoo of the foot can cause nightmares at night.

alyssa milano

The co-star of the film, MacKenzie Mauzynor are we satisfied with this white satin dress.

mackenzie mauzy

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