Bella Thorne and harsh statements that he has confessed


If there is someone who knows what is a difficult childhood, that is Bella Thorne. It is currently surrounded by success and millions of followers on Instagram, but the singer and actress has not always had it so easy. From a childhood that is not the wish to anyone until the problems that have led him to be a girl Disney, Bella Thorne has surprised all with a few harsh statements about her private life following the presentation of his new book, ‘The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray’ (translated to ‘The Life of an Aspiring Mogul: Mental Disorder’).

In 2010 Bella Thorne rose to fame for her role as Cece Jones in the series of Disney Channel ‘Shake It Up’sharing the limelight with actress Zendaya; the young redhead, who was 11 years old he used his gifts as an actress to support her family, that consists of only his mother and his siblings after the father will leave her. It was a very big responsibility for a little girl, and in addition belonging to the industry, Disney was not easy at all; diets, workouts and the amount of social pressure affected him psychologically and emotionally to Bella Thorne: “If you spend your whole life educated to please the people, so now I don’t know what to myself I am happy in this moment.”

Those were the harsh words of Bella Thorne in the presentation of his book, ‘The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray’. In addition to admit that they do not know how to be happy, the actress said that in the book, he talks about the abuse you suffered as a minor: “Abused me sexually, and psychologically from that I remember until I was 14… when I finally had the courage to close my door at night and sit down to wait. The whole damn night. Waiting for someone to take advantage of me again. Time and time again I waited to stop it and I finally did it”.

Recently Bella Thorne has returned to go through difficult times; a hacker threatened to leak a few images of her naked, and as a result, the actress decided to upload them to the internet for your account. Got as much criticism as support, the latter of a crowd of celebrities and friends, including Zendaya; the two actresses have been known for almost 10 years thanks to ‘Shake it Up’ and have a lot of affection, so much so that Bella Thorne decided to have a detail with it and put it in his book.