Bella Thorne, the exactriz Disney directed a film for Pornhub


Bella Thorne, the actress who co-starred in the series ‘Shake It Up‘of Disney along with Zendaya, made his debut as a director at 21 years of age. However, this is not an opera prima mainstream.

His new project is a pornographic movie for the site Pornhub titled ‘Her & Him‘and that will be part of the series of “directors ” visionaries” of the website is pornographic.

Broadly, the project is described as “a modern version, and sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet” that will be focused on “two lovers who have a sexual desire uncontrolled of one another”.

“[La película] it shows a nervous guy in my late twenties who stumbles upon a message of surprise at the phone of his girlfriend, interrupting his morning routine and turning everything into a sexual encounter out of control,” adds the official press release of the announcement of the project.

In conversation with CNN, Thorne explained that he initially wanted to do a horror movie themed horror, but finally ended up doing what he describes as “a beautiful movie ethereal”.

Thorne also thanked PornHub for their financial support of his vision of the film, explaining that: “people are a little scared of doing a movie like this when it comes to domination and submission between a man and a woman, and how this relationship can become quite bitter “.

Before getting to Pornhub, the film will be presented in the Festival of Cinema of Odenburg, which will be held in Germany between September 11 and September 15.