Britney Spears has not officially retired from the music


Singer Britney Spears has had several years without publishing a new album, and the vast majority of their income come from now of their successful homes in Las Vegas, so it is not surprising that a few months ago began to circulate a few rumors very concern about their withdrawal of the music.

Responsible for making jump all the alarms was her youngest son Jayden, who commented in a live Instagram that was a long time that he saw his mother working in the recording studio and that she had confessed that there was the possibility that to abandon for ever his career.

Fans of the princess of pop will be glad to know that this is not your intention, as confirmed by now the younger sister of the artist.

“No, No, No, it is not true,” said Jamie Lynn Spears in statements to the portal The Hollywood Reporter. “Obviously, now is concentrating on overcoming the quarantine. He is facing things as they come, day-to-day. And when you want to go back to making music, it will do so. I don’t think it’s possible to remove someone completely from your true passion.”

On the other hand, Jamie has not wanted to give false hopes to the fans of Britney making them believe that the return of their idol could be just around the corner.

“I don’t think that there is no plan. For the time being, in Los Angeles, confined at home. I think that you are trying to relax in general, and it seems to me that that is very good. He deserves it, has worked very hard. If you finally decide to record another album, great, but if it is not what you really want, it is not their obligation to do so. She has already given enough to the world,” he concluded.

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