Camilo tattoo name Evaluna and… ‘sprout’ memes


‘Forever’ that was the phrase that published the artist of colombian origin, Camilo Echeverry Correa, who rose to fame in the year 2007, after winning talent contest ‘X Factor’, in your country.

The interpreter of the successful ‘Tutu’ was tattooed the name of his beloved at the height of the ribs on the right side. At the moment of posting the graph, the messages did not stop arriving, among them that of his father-in-law, the popular Ricardo Montaner: “the one Who tattooed the name of his beloved on the skin makes the ‘ever after’ fall by the wayside”…

And there was no lack of those who criticize the words of Montaner. Comments like “I don’t know who hates the most to the couple, the people, or your father … my God” or “Evaluna: dad I don’t divorciaré if you go on like this… Ricardo Montaner: I loved that demonstration of love…”.

The image has 1.577. 966 I like, and has generated several memes. What will grace the composer of the hit ‘No pajamas’, Becky G & Natti Natasha?

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One even what ‘advisor’ in case of a possible separation, and gives a helping hand in case of this happening in the future.

Despite the memes that have emerged, the couple celebrated their first two months of married with many signs of love, but like… are the memes.

However Evaluna in your account Instagram uploaded a video, proud of the feat of her husband. “Stay with the tattoo of your name”, was the phrase of the also singer.

And again… another message Montaner: “How awful my God!!!”, why a follower called it ‘gotten’, and another cited the lyrics to one of their songs: “this is THE POWER OF LOVE….. I swear I am not lying your love has that podeeeeer hahahaha”.

Subsequently to avoid controversy, the interpreter of ‘The top of the sky’ wrote another message: “This boy loves you… I just I have a tatoo, right in the ‘Achilles heel’ with the name of your mommy … I put it out there because she is my Achilles heel … tattooing the name of your loved one it is a demonstration of transcendental love…”.

A tattoo that has given much to talk about in their respective social networks. However he is not the one who has shown his love with ink, Anuel also made by Karol G, last year. Is tattooed with a picture of both the entire back.