Cara Delevingne tells how it was conquested by Ashley Benson


Cara Delevingne ensures that Ashley Benson he is the first person that has really come into his heart…

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A year ago that Face and Ashley started their love story, the girls look so in love that there are even rumors that they were married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas, and while nothing has been confirmed, in a recent interview with PorterEdit of Net-A-Porter, Face confessed that Ashley is the first person who managed to get into his heart.

Never before had I been let to anyone for fear that they were. Never trust really the people, or I felt worthy of it, and always turned them down. She is the first person that says: ‘you can’t get away. I’m going to be kind to you, I love you’. I’m like: ‘Wait, so all I have to do is leave that be nice to me? Why I’ve never done that before?’“.

Face also revealed that although at times spend a lot of time separated because of their work commitments, he feels the need to make it work because it is the only one that knows how to make her happy and a better person:

The long-distance relationships are always difficult. However, we can make it work. We have that. And definitely makes me a better person and more happy“.

It seems that the love he hit canyon-to-Face with Ashley, do you believe that you are meant to be together always?

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